Friday, 11 November 2011

Abbreviation SMS

SMS Doesn’t Mean
“Short Messaging Service”.
It Only Means
“Sweet . Memories . Shared”
With A Special, Loving, Caring & Sweet Person Like You :->

When you love
you get hurt.
When you get hurt
you hate.
When you hate
you try to forget.
When you try to forget
you start missing.
When you start missing
you fall in love again..!

Friendship is
“More Clear than Water”,
“More Pure than Gold”,
“More Sweet than Honey”,
So thank you for Sharing God’s Beautiful Gift With me.

When all the birds
leave the sky….
when all friend’s say
I will be there always to
tell U….

With these PAINS one can surely win and gain in this life…

Meaning of Father:-
F= Forever With His Family
A= Always There For You No Matter What
T= The Only One Who’s There
H= He’s My Hero Till The End
E= Encouraging In Everything I Do
R= Really The Only One…
No One Can Beat Him He’s The Best!!!

When U miss me just say: C.L.I.C.K
C=Can’t live without u.
L=Love U.
I=I miss U.
C=Care About U.
K=Kiss from my Heart to u
So, When U miss me just say:- (CLICK)

G: God
O: Offers us His
O: Outstanding
D: Devotion 2
M: Make us
O: Obedient &
R: Ready 4 a
N: New day 2
I: Initiate
N: New Aim 4 d
G: Glory of God

School: A place where Papa pays and Son plays.
Life Insurance: A contract that keeps you poor all your life so that you can die Rich.
Nurse: A person who wakes you up to give you sleeping pills.
Tears: The hydraulic force by which masculine willpower is defeated by feminine water power.
Lecture: An art of transferring information.

What is da true meaning of ‘Study’ ???
S. Sleeping
T. Talking
U. Unlimited sms
D. Dreaming
Y. Yawning…
So study hard ok !!!!

L =====
O =====
V =====
E =====
L=loss of money.
o=out of mind.
v=waste of time.
e=end of life.
So don’t LOVE.

Live With The 3 E’s . . .
| Energy |
| Enthusiasm |
| Empathy |
And The 3 F’s . . .
| Faith |
| Family |
| Friends |
Then U Will Feel Life In Ur Life.

These are some of the romantic countries in the world
“Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies”
“I Trust And Love You”
“Love Is Beautiful You Also”

Meaning of smart:

Husband asks: Do you know the meaning of WIFE?
It means? Without Information, Fighting Every time!
WIFE says: No darling,
It means :- With Idiot For Ever

H- appy feelings shared
U- niversally warm & fuzzy
G- reat 2 give & 2 receive
S- ure 2 Make anyone day
I hope this “HUG” makes your day brighter.

Sets u free…
Makes u special…
Increases ur face value…
Lifts up ur spirits…
Erases all ur tensions…
So please keep smiling.

Education Is Incomplete Without 5 B’s
B – Bikes.
B – Beers.
B – Babes.
B – Bunks. And The Most Important.
B – Backlogs.

Power of Mathematics
One day a box wasn’t opening.
Lawyer came, applied all laws but it didn’t open
Chemist came, applied all reactions but it didn’t open
Physician came, applied all forces but no change
Even the biologist failed
Mathematician came & said
Let’s Suppose the Box is Open.

The Full Form of Chocolate Brand:
KITKAT: Kiss in Time, Kiss at Time.
PERK: Perfect Emotional Romantic Kiss.
MUNCH: Meet Urgently Now for a Charming Hug!
So Think before giving chocolate to any one.

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