Saturday, 12 November 2011

Friendship SMS & Messages

F=Finds Ways To Comfort You
R=Remebers To Pray For You
I=Inspires You
E=Enjoys Life With Someone Like
N=Never Forgets You
D=Dies For You

I m proud that u r my FRIEND bcoz u r
20% Perfect
20% Attractive
20% Great
20% Amazing
20% Loveable
In short u r 100%
P. A . G . A .L

Different minds, different people,
different angles of thinking'.
some times it cannot match also
the most important factor is :-
frnds r frnds & frndship cannot use the word END'S

Hazaro phool lagate hai ek dulhan sajane k liye
hazaro dip lagate hai ek aarti sajane k liye
magar ek Dost kafi he zindagi Ko Jannat Banane k liye..."'

Freinds are like just you and me,
if you wants to meet me,
just close your eyes and remember me,
you will find me at everywhere

Meri DOSTI 24 Ghanto Wala ATM
45 rat Wali ALLOUT Nahi
Life time wala Sim card nahi

I love each frnd of mine. .
life is hell without them

hell is heaven if v r 2gether. .
And thats why
"Har Ek Friend zaruri hota Hai":-)

love is like call,
if u don't recieve,
it will be missed ...
but friendship is
like an sms,
untill u open it
wait 4 u'.......

Kehte Hein Ke Ache Log Mar Kar Sitary Ban
Jatey Hain Magar Hum Kehtay Hain K Achey
Sitary Toot Kar Aap Jaisey Dost Ban Jate Hein.

Our friendship has stood the test of time.
We've been friends for as long as i can remember.
We have rejoiced together,cried and
celebrated together cos thats what true friends do.

I m nt rich but i've rich heart,
I'm nt best but alwez try my best,
I may nt b right but I'm sure,
I wsn't wrng in chosin u as my frnd..

doston aur popcorn me kya similarity hai...?????
.simple ...dono ko thoda sa jalao
toh muh fula kar beth jaate hein...
frwrd it to all ur popcorns

close friends are like zero,,
wen u try to add they are the sane,,
try to subtract same only,,
but u trying to divide,it is impossible,.
that is friend,,

dosti k bina life fizul hai
dosti k bi apne kuch usul hai
kehte h dosti me taklif he
pr dosti apki ho to sab kubul hai

friend and friendship are the
very sweetest things in life.
I am your first friend
I am your last friend.
But i hope i am always your "Best friend"

Dost white colour jese hote h,
white me koi b colour mix
karo to nya colour ban skta h,
pr Duniya k sare colour mix krke
b white colour nhi bnaya ja sakta...

A friend gives “love”,
A good friend gives “protection”,
A best friend gives “life”, but
“Heart full of love”.

FRIENDSHIP Z not d deal..
Which says I am ur friend & U are mine....
Its a silent promise from both hearts.
Which says I am wid U & I will always support U....

Dosti Dua hai aur Dava bhi,
Ahesaas hai aur Apnaapan bhi
Khushi hai aur dost ka Khayaal bhi
Acchhe or sacche logon ki pahechaan hai
Aur rishton k aakash me woh
sabse unchi udaan bhi hai.

Duniya Me 2 Type Ke Dost Hai.
Hota Hai,
Dusra BAHUT PYARA Hota Hai.
PYARE Dost Ne SMS Bheja Hai...Or

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