Saturday, 12 November 2011

Cool SMS & Messages

Nice people r like wind,
u nvr know vot dey hv in deir heart but
u can alwayz feel deir persence.
dont luk here n dere 2 find dem,
luk in the mirror

Beautiful Pictures are Devolped
from Negatives in a Dark Room.
So, if U see Darkness in ur Life
be sure that God is making
a Beautiful Picture 4 U! :)

In this WORLD,
where everything seems UNCERTAIN,
only one thing is DEFINITE.
You'll always be my FRIEND,
beyond WORDS, beyond TIME
beyond DISTANCE!

in this
Heart & Beats..
Night & Moon..
Music & Songs..
Roses & Loves..
Fish & Water..
Your SMILE.. :-)

5 greatest words : I dnt wanna lose U.
4 pleasant words : I care for U.
3 sweet words : I love U.
2 wonderful words : Miss U.
1 most important word : "U"

Vacancy available
post = true friend
Ability = (loving & caring)
Experience= (not required)
Duty = (two sms daily)
Salary= (never ending love)
To Apply.. Send a sweet SMS

Ur aim in life shud b 54321..
Shockd !!
I mean...
5- Five digit salary
4- Four wheeler vehicle
3- Three room flat
2- Two cute children
1- One sweetheart

The best cosmetics in life-
TRUTH- for lips..
PITY- for eyes..
CHARITY- for hands..
Smile- for face &
LOVE- for heart..
se them well & make life Beautiful!

U want and u get that is luck,
u want and u wait that is time,
u want and u earn that is ability,
u want but u compromise that is life

Dictionary is the only place
where Death comes before Life,
Success before Work,
Divorce before Marriage,
But Friend come before Relative.

A good person will always be in memory.
A better person will always be in dreams.
But the best person will always be in heart.

U may meet people,
better than me,
funnier than me,
more beautiful than me,
but one thing i can say 2 u...
I will always be there 4 u when they all leave u.

"Flowers" are very soft,
do not "Touch" them with hard hands...
"Feelings" are like soft flowers,
do not "Touch" them with harsh words...

If I can only touch the RAINBOW
I will write YOUR NAME on top of it
To let the PEOPLE know
How COLORFUL is my
LIFE to have a PERSON like U ... (:

There is always a reason 4 everything
A reason 2 live
A reason 2 die
A reason 2 cry,
But if u can?t find a reason to smile
Can I be the reason 4 a while:)

An amazing quote :
smtimes in lyf itz difficult 2 decide
whatz wrong or ryt?
A lie dat draws a smile?
D truth dat draws a tear?

Acchi zindgi jine ke do tarike hote he,
1. Jo Pasand he use Hassil karna sikh lo
2. Jo Hassil he use Pasand karna sikh lo

if a=1, b=2, c=3, and so on....
it is our ATTITUDE towards life and work that makes our life 100% successful

"Waqt or pyar"
Dono zindagi me khas hota hain..
Waqt kisi ka nahi hota
or pyar har kisi se nahi

Height of Addiction :
just b4 a prisoner's execution the officer
asked him abt his last wish
He told :
"Dude! I wanna update my facebook status"

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