Saturday, 12 November 2011

Missing U SMS & Messages

I=Its just been days since you left

M=Months and ages it feels
I=It isnt easy you know
S=Smiles and laughs that we shared
S=Solitude is not what I wanted

Y=Your presence, irreplaceable
O=Of all the words I can say
U=Understand these the most, that I miss you.
Pata hai life Ka Sabse Accha Pal Konsa Hai?
Jab Aapko Lage Ki Aapka Sabse
Pyara Dost Aapko Bhool Gaya Hai,
Or Tabhi Uska Msg Aaye Ki.........

Every time The Phone Rings,
I Breathe In Slowly & Pray
That It's Finally You,
Calling To Say

When I Miss You ...
I Don't Miss You Alone,
I Miss You
Me Together . . . ? ^_-

You can Miss
Someone Who Died,
Someone Who Moved Away,
The Worst Thing Is;
Having to Miss Someone you See
Everyday ... =[

Missing Someone You
0nce Had
Is Like
REMOVING A Ring At your
That You Have Worn For
Very Long ...
It Feels Like Its Still
Its Not =/

T h e
P a i n
O f
M i s s i n g
S o m e o n e
I s
T u r n
T o
P l e a s u r e
I f
W e
K n e w
T h e y
A r e
A l s o
M i s s i n g
U s
T o o . . . ?

Even Though We Are Miles Apart
You Are Never Far From My Heart
I Loved You Then
I Love You Now
ItS Always When And
Never How
Take Me Back To Yesterday
All The Wonderful Things You Had
To Say
I Loved You Then
I Love You Now
ItS Always When
And Never How
I See Your Eyes
I Feel You Near
Although You're Not
Really Here

They Say When You Are Missing Someone
That They Are Probably Feeling The Same,
But I Don't Think
...It's Possible For You
To Miss Me
As Much As
I'm Missing You
Right Now.

Missing You I Am Missing You
I Miss You All The Time
I Need You Now To Look At Me
Look At Me Tonight!
All The Love You Have For Me
I See It In Your Eyes
It's All Lies

I Wish Someday I Can Spend
My All Waking Moments With You
And I Don't Have To Hate Missing You.

You Live So Far Away
You Are So Close To Me
I Miss You Everyday
I Tell You All My Secrets
I Wish You Could Stay..
.I Need You Now In My Life
I Know I Can't Get My Way
I Think Of You Every Night
My Feelings I Don't Need To Say
I Need You So Much
I'm Going Crazy Today
You Live So Far Away
You Are So Close To Me
I Miss You Everyday

This Love is Love the Love
best Love way Love to Love say
Love u Love that Love I
Love Miss Love U Love,
read it again widout word Love.
I MISS U........

Aap ki yaad main ek shair arz hai.
Today is Monday, tommorow is Manglwar.
Wah wah
Today is Monday, tommorow is Mangalwar..
I Miss u Yaar
I Miss u Yaar.. ;->

Wen U r lonely, m sad..
Wen U r happy, m glad..
Remeber dat wat ever U feel i feel it twice..
So if U miss me 1ce,
I Miss U 2ce:-)...

You may miss me.
You May Ignore Me.
You May Even 4get Me
Bt 1Day If U
Want To C Me, Dont Search Anywhere
Jst Watch Ur Shadow
I Will B Dere..

My feelings
Result: - Missing You:-)

Chaddar Ki Kameez,
Lohe Ka Paijama,
Bandar Tera Mama,
Billi Teri Mausi,
Kutte Mera Yaar,
Aam Ka Aachar,
Miss U Mere Yaar

Having No
Communication Wid U
4 A While Is Like
Drikin Coffee
Widout Sugar,
Its Nt Complete
Shud I Say
My Life Isn't Cmplete
Whn U r Not Beside Me
I Miss U

"M I S S Y O U"
Mujh Say Khush Naseeb Hain
Meray Ye Chand Haroof
Jin Pey Kuch Dair Tak Paray Gi Nigaah Teri...

Waiting for U
Miss ur voice
Miss ur smile
Miss ur laugh
Miss ur talks
Miss U itna k
yaad nahi
Mgr itna k zindgi
DIL darke jitna!!

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